QPA Solar brings together the best of solar engineering, consulting and environmental designs to lower your investment costs and allow for higher profits from installing a solar system.

We offer;

  •       Complete turnkey solution from start to finish
  •       Will work with you to locate and obtain a site and OPA contract
  •       Engage with local governments and global energy providers, obtain necessary permits and approvals, and develop detailed construction plans
  •       Using the latest technological advancements that will deliver the most cost effective solution
  •       Operating, monitering and maintaining option


  •       Extensive project management expertise
  •       Multi sourcing least cost approach direct factory suppliers in China, US  and Canada
  •       Integrated environmental expertise
  •       Ontario Professional Engineers
  •       In consulting and engineering business for over 15 years


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Where to Find Us:

QPA Solar Inc.



Phone: +1 905 627-4735
Fax: +1 905 627-1932



Phone: +1 519 850-9987

Fax: +1 519 663-8057

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Real-Time Monitoring

Click the link below to view a user-friendly, real-time monitoring website for our 438 kW installation at Self Storage 6 in Millgrove, ON.

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