Photovoltaic Solar Systems

       Our policy is to work with our customers in order to determine what specific system size and solar cells will be ideal for them based on their needs. This is done by determining what the customers goals are, how large their budget is, and how much space is available for development.

        There are three groups of products a customer must choose from:




Your choice of product above will largely depend on what sistem you require:


-Typically smaller systems (1kw-10kw)

-Less expensive than commericial

-Residential inverter used



-Typically larger systems (10kw-500kw+)

-More expensive then residential

-Industrial inverter required



Roof Top Mount

-If roof is slanted, can use flush racking

-Similar system to ground if roof is flat



Ground Mount

-Similar systems used on flat roof

-Can use otherwise unused or unviable land to maximize utility



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Real-Time Monitoring

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