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Our company is made up of four distinct segments:


Design And Engineering

Here at QPA Solar, we work hard to ensure that your solar project is done exactly the way you want it. That’s why we believe that a great project always starts on the drawing board. We will ensure that your solar installation be, not only up to your specification, but be up to code as well. We will determine which of our products is suitable for your needs.



Once we have finished designing your solar array, our top-notch team of installation experts will begin the installation process. Whether it be on the ground or a roof, a 10kw project or a 500kw project: our team will produce a high quality product that is up to your standards, no matter the location or size!



Once we flip the switch and the power starts flowing, that’s where our management team comes into play. We provide our customers with optional monitoring and maintenance services in order to assure that your system runs smoothly for decades to come!



In addition to our previous services, we also provide financing options for our customers. Contact us for more details!

Where to Find Us:

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Phone: +1 519 850-9987

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Real-Time Monitoring

Click the link below to view a user-friendly, real-time monitoring website for our 438 kW installation at Self Storage 6 in Millgrove, ON.

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