Inverters convert the DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) form suitable for the power grid.



For the majority of our systems, we use inverters from Fronius Canada. Well researched and built to last, these inverters provide effective, efficient, and durable solutions for any solar system. Click on the logo for more info



Key Features

  • One of the first CSA-certified inverter lines with integrated arc default protection in Canada
  • Matches the output voltage of the PV inverter to the grid
  • Provides rapid & accurate management of solar array DC output
  • Advanced remote monitoring and control capabilities
  • Unique MIX Technology and accurate MPP tracker for superior yield in all weather conditions
  • Provides a wide range of operation across all photovoltaic cell technologies
  • Coated to withstand extreme humidity & air-pollution levels
  • Low maintenance

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