Serving the Solar Market Place

How are QPA Solar Inc. solar energy services different from other solar offers?

QPA Solar offers solar energy services and are not an equipment manufacturer. We help to determine the best solution that works for you.


1.     We take a PV industry unique consulting approach that identifies what is best for the customer/client


2.     We remain focused on core activities and are organized around a high quality- low cost business model

The $ Opportunity

Did you know that installing a solar PV system is not only easy, it pays you.  Learn about the "Solar to Dollar" program here.

Our Services

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About Us

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Learn more about our company’s unique approach and about our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to serving you!


Our Products

We are able to offer highly reliable and optimized systems through specific selection of products which grant maximum benefits from your location. Learn more about commercial, residential and tracker systems.


* PV - Photovoltaic