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Why Invest in Solar?

Secure Investment:

Affordable costs, pays for itself quickly, and virtually no maintenance. We’re placing our bets on the sun rising tomorrow; the odds are looking good!


It pays you:

Solar panels are becoming more and more efficient every year and there has never been a better time to invest! If you invest in one a solar array, you can generate an excellent income from your home, retail or commercial property for the next 20 years! For further breakdown of expected returns and financing, click here!


Green Energy:

Unlike the burning of non-renewable resources like coal and natural gas, solar energy is a safe way to generate electricity without emitting pollutants into the air. This means we can generate energy close to home and take the supplying of the power grid into our own hands. Solar power is the only generator of energy that has virtually no negative external effects.The decision to go green has never been more easy!


Government Subsidized:

Ontario laws now require that your utility company will buy solar renewable energy at a rate much higher than the standard retail price that you pay.



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